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One of the final memories we have of a loved one is that of saying “goodbye” to them. Their overall apperance is an essential element and one that can both comfort and ease the grieving process. If they look anyway that is unnatural or unfarmiliar to how we remember them it can be disturbing and unsettling.

It is important that how they look reinforces our fond memories of them whether it be sitting in their favourite arm chair to how they looked in their newly bought suit at a family wedding.


For this reason we, at Daverns funeral services, always faithfully strive to ensure that your deceased loved one looks exactly as you fondly remembered them. To achieve this properly requires very specialised skills and it can not be emphasise enough how important embalming, by a trained and qualified person, can be.

The process of ‘Embalming’ is strongly advised for three main reasons; (1) Preservation. (2) Sanitation and (3) Presentation.

Preservation, in many ways, is self explanatory. It is required to preserve the deceased if there is a delay in the funeral for any reason (e.g. to accomodate family members travelling from abroad).

Sanitation. This means the deceased goes under a clinical process making them free from germs and bacteria that may be harmful to family members, the public and funeral home staff.

Presentation. As mentioned above, appearance is of paramount importance. Essential details, such as, clothes, someone’s hair been freshly washed, blow-dried and styled, to be cleanly shaved, their favourite coloured lipstick applied and perfume or aftershave sprayed to provide familiar scent are just some, of the many details, that will make all the difference.

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